Community Relations

MVV actively seeks opportunities to participate in local economic development and other ventures through memberships, partnerships and other relationships with governmental and not-for-profit entities for the benefit of the tribal and regional community. Our community relationships include:

  • EPI-Center Green Build Project. MVV has entered into an agreement with the Institute for Environmental Research and Education (IERE) to explore the suitability and feasibility of the clean energy / clean technology facility as a demonstration center of conservation technology, building design and building materials.

  • City of Tacoma. MVV is working with the City of Tacoma to explore joint development of tribal properties managed by MVV adjacent to the Tacoma Dome and other projects for mutual benefit. MVV also participates in the Tacoma Dome Stakeholders group meetings.

  • City of Fife. MVV owns and operates the Tahoma Market in Fife.  This site proactively addressed the City of Fife's desire to attract a grocery store to the local community.  The Tahoma Market filled an important void in the marketplace by bringing the first grocery store to Fife in over a decade.
  • Port of Tacoma. In 2008, MVV entered into a set of agreements with the Port of Tacoma, the Puyallup Tribe of Indians, and SSA Containers, Inc. for the exchange of lands as well as cooperation on issues related to development of port facilities on the Blair Peninsula and related infrastructure.

  • Tacoma Goodwill. MVV CEO Chad R. Wright serves on the Board of Directors.

  • Mary Bridge Foundation. MVV CEO Chad R. Wright serves on the Board of Directors.  

  • Tacoma Community College.  MVV CEO Chad R. Wright serves on the Board of Directors.

  • UWT, Milgard School of Business. CEO Chad R. Wright serves on the Business Advisory Board.

  • Tribal Transportation Investment Partnership. MVV General Counsel Kelly S. Croman serves on the Steering Committee.

  • Foss Waterway Seaport. MVV COO Jamey Balousek serves on the Board of Directors.

  • Memberships. MVV or one or more of its Management Team are members of the following organizations:

- Washington State Bar Association, Indian Law Section

- National Intertribal Tax Alliance

- California State Bar Association

- Washington Society of Certified Public Accountants (WSCPA)

- American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)