Congratulations to Rushforth Contruction on ABC Excellence Award

Mar 28, 2012

In March 2012, Rushforth Construction received the ABC Excellence Award for the construction of Tahoma Market and Car Wash. The plan was for this $10 million project to be completed within 11 months (6 months for construction), which Rushforth successfully accomplished on-time, while coming in under budget.  

A lot of emphasis was placed on strategic thinking because the site has several areas within the floodplain of the Puyallup River, which created the need to raise the store and car wash. A rain garden and dry creek was created for storm water filtration.  The car wash was also designed to recycle water using a filtering system.  Another situation that required specific knowledge was the placement of underground tanks because of the high water table of the site. 

A great deal of organization was needed for this project because both construction and design were happening concurrently, which caused the plans to be frequently updated. The team decided to use color-coded paper to recognize the most current plan.  In the end, pink was the color of the final plan. This inspired the team to develop a fundraiser to benefit the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure.  

Today, Tahoma Market, complete with 28 fueling stations, automatic car wash and liquor store, is one of the largest Shell Station in North America.  Marine View Ventures would like to congratulate Rushforth Construction on winning this prestigious award.  It was our pleasure to work with the entire Rushforth team on this unique project.

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